Project: Shirt Pattern, Creative Direction
Client: Nickelodeon / RSVLTS
For this special shirt, with the help of artist Nolan Harris, we reached out to 19 WWE-passionate artists, illustrators, and designers, asking them to create a rendering of the late, great Scott Hall in their own unique style. They worked together to make sure this KUNUFLEX™ button down represented a full collage of Scott’s remarkable career. Hey yo, Scott, this one’s for you.
Special thanks to all of the contributing artists: Nolan Harris, In Brightest Day, Abdul Malik, The Joshua Saga, RNKF, Juan “Of the Dead”, Notz, Mel Coleman, Doug Halliday, Mau Toscano, Migs, Lauren Moran, Josh Campbell, Jackson Zorn, James Diato, Hal Haney, The Fresco, Erik Calavera, Jonathan Bartlett.

Officially licensed with WWE


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