Iron Eagle Tribute Poster

A while back my good friend Salvador Anguiano and I decided to pay tribute to one of our favorite 1980’s movies IRON EAGLE! The Iron Eagle sound track alone was worthy of a poster, but the action is what made the movie so cool. For me the poster had to include Col. Charles ‘Chappy’ Sinclair, Doug Masters, a […]

WonderWoman Birthday

My baby girl is turning 4 years old! When I asked her what kind of a party she wanted she screamed WONDERWOMAN! So I began work on her invitation. I started sketching my little girl in the age appropriate costume and piecing together the concept. When I showed her the invitation I got a huge […]

Adobe Max 2014 – T-Shirts & Posters

I was able to attend the Adobe Max Conference and the Russell Brown pre-conference where the theme was Kaijus. There were monsters created from the Stan Winston school and looked incredible. Not only did we receive the awesome monsters as reference, but we had awesome speakers like James White, Hydro74, Draplin, James Victore, and Rayce […]

Speed Vector Movie Poster

I took the last few weeks to create a tribute to one of my favorite 90’s movies. Speed never had a illustrative poster, so I took on the challenge. I focused on elements like the watch, bus, and Keanu. The movie had so many elements like the elevator, train, and bus it was easy to […]

1984 Terminator Movie Poster

For the last few weeks I have been working on a poster to celebrate the 30th anniversary of my favorite movie not titled Guardians of the Galaxy. The imagination of having a cyborg arrive from the future to kill the mother of a future soldier is just amazing. Then add in the awesomeness of Arnold! […]


Up Close I have been sketching out ideas for this movie ever since the Super Bowl commercial. This weekend will finally get to see Spiderman take on Electro and his buddies. The more that gets released with this movie and how many bad dudes are in it, the more hesitant I am that it won’t run into the same […]