Rocking Monster

I had some fun creating a Heavy Metal, Rat Fink and My Pet Monster inspired skateboard, sticker and t-shirts. I got reintroduced to some of the old pop culture icons I remember from growing up and built them similar to something to the old Jim Phillips Santa Cruz designs. I am pretty exited about the […]

The Judge

I always love the over the top action movies of the 90’s and Stallone is my favorite actor by far. I loved the Stallone’s version of Dredd it was over the top and had the comic sidekick. Here is my tribute to Judge Dredd in a style inspired by Craig Drake.    

Life is a Garden

  It started as a portrait project when I was watching “Joe Dirt” recently on Netflix; however,  I forgot how great the message was in the movie. Joe Dirt had a million reasons for why he never backs down. The more and more I played with the composition and adding other elements, the more and more I liked […]

Turtles at the Movies

The most anticipated movie ever for me was the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie. The movie was an event, the first time I was able to watch a movie on the big screen. My brother (6) and me (8) went to the movie expecting the cowabunga cartoon version of the the turtles. What we […]

Iron Eagle Tribute Poster

A while back my good friend Salvador Anguiano and I decided to pay tribute to one of our favorite 1980’s movies IRON EAGLE! The Iron Eagle sound track alone was worthy of a poster, but the action is what made the movie so cool. For me the poster had to include Col. Charles ‘Chappy’ Sinclair, Doug Masters, a […]