Josh Campbell

Josh Campbell is a Omaha, Nebraska based graphic designer.

My favorite scene from Blade Runner 2049 was when Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling meet for the first time. It’s an amazing atmosphere bridging the two heroes from each film.Read More →

Three billboards looks to be a movie about a grieving mother looking for answers to who/how/why her daughter was murdered. The Sheriff from the previews seems to have a civil relationship with the mother who is violent to the rest of her town. In the previews I thought seeing the reporter try and vocalize the happenings was interesting and I built a rough based around that concept.Read More →

My friend Meredith wanted to have a fun poster to commemorate all the memories for 2017. At the beginning of 2017, Lauren and Meredith moved to Nashville and her and I decided a country/rock style tour poster would be the best fit.Read More →

To represent The Evil Within 2, I chose four elements which illustrate the journey of a player. (1) The checker tile is used to shows a players path.Read More →

Sony Pictures UK and PosterSpy had a creative brief to create a alternative poster for BABY DRIVER, the exhilarating film which is taking the classic heist genre for a spin.Read More →

DC has decreed that June 3rd is Wonder Woman Day and to celebrate this, and the new film, I contributed along with the amazing Poster Posse to pay homage to Themyscira’s greatest warrior with our own personal tribute.Read More →

After I saw the teaser for Alien Covenant I decided to create a quick poster. The slasher feel was awesome to see and tied back to what I liked most about the series.Read More →

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